Below we list current research topics in RSES, with links to relevant researchers and research groups. For a list of potential student projects and PhD topics, please refer to the potential project student page

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Projects Status
The biogeochemistry of a Salt Lake Current
The dynamics and thermodynamics of the sea surface Current
The effect of climate change on polar ice sheets Current
The geochemistry of the platinum group element in ore bearing and barren granitoid suites. Current
The global consequences of subduction zone congestion (Miller, Moresi (lead), Betts, Whittaker) Current
The history of past ice sheets Current
The virtual Earth Current
Time-Reverse imaging of the tsunami source (Hossen, Cummins, Roberts and Allgeyer) Current
Transitions in the Banda Arc - Australia continental collision (Miller) Current
Unraveling the changing patterns of Australian rainfall Current
Variations in water resources in Australian drainage basins Current
Antarctic and tropical climate variability over the last millennium, and impacts on southern Australian rainfall Completed in 2017
Craton modification and growth: The east Albany-Fraser Orogen in 3-D (Tkalčić, Kennett, Sippl, Spaggiari and Gessner) Completed in 2019
Finite Fault inversion using the W-Phase (Benavente and Cummins) Completed in 2019
Localization of Intraplate Deformation through Fluid-assisted Fault Reactivation in the Lower-Crust: The Flinders Ranges, South Australia (Balfour, Cummins and Pilia) Completed in 2019
Seismographic Studies on Basin Effects in the Amplification of Seismic Waves in Indonesia (Saygin, Cummins and Cipta) Completed in 2019
Transdimensional Bayesian finite fault inversion (Dettmer, Benavente, Hossen and Cummins) Completed in 2019
What are the key parameter of effects in harbors and bays? (Allgeyer) Completed in 2019