Research themes

Carbon Cycle and Mitigation

The ongoing rise in greenhouse gases (GHG) is arguably the most significant problem to face the planet now and in the coming decades.  Increased GHG directly contribute to a global temperature rise that significantly impacts all...

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Climate Variability and Extremes

Climate extremes now cost Australia up to $4 billion each year and are set to intensify over coming decades. Climate extremes include heat waves, drought and extreme rainfall; which occur against a backdrop of natural and human-...

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Data Science

In recent decades the age of big data has arrived and impacted on every corner of science and engineering. Advances in digital data acquisition together with cost reductions have resulted in a rapid growth in sensor numbers and...

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Ice and Climate

The role of the ice and climate theme is to facilitate and encourage communication and collaboration between researchers whose studies relate to climate-driven ice sheet evolution and associated ocean mechanisms. The focus of...

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Origins: Planets, Stars and Life

Planets, including Earth, are the natural products of star formation.  Our research investigates the origin and chemical evolution of the Earth and other planets and planetary systems, their early environments, and the evolution...

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Resources for the 21st Century

This theme aims to improve our understanding of the process that impact the formation, discovery, extraction and processing of critical resources. We pay particular attention to the links of water, waste and energy, with the goal...

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