Data science

In recent decades the age of big data has arrived and impacted on every corner of science and engineering. Advances in digital data acquisition together with cost reductions have resulted in a rapid growth in sensor numbers and resolution to the point where we collect, process and transmit data at rates never before seen in the history of science. This creates challenges of how we store, access and make meaningful use of our data sets both large and small. An increased focus on the value and custodianship of data by governments and funding bodies has created new expectations of us all to make data and results available to each other and future generations. At the same time there is a widespread realization that many of our data analysis problems have parallels in other areas of science and engineering.

Data Science at RSES

The RSES theme on Data Science is an initiative aimed at positioning the school to benefit from the emergence of Data Science as an interconnecting discipline. To help raise awareness amongst staff and students  of advances in data analytics, data management and data engineering that affect much of what we do. To help promote the infrastructure, tools and skills that will be central to the next generation of geo-scientific research.

The members of the RSES theme on Data Science maintain a Github repository and an associated webpage presenting in details the initiatives, softwares and algorithms maintained by RSES researchers and collaborators.

Theme Facilitators

Academic staff

Professional staff

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