Resources for the 21st Century

This theme aims to improve our understanding of the process that impact the formation, discovery, extraction and processing of critical resources. We pay particular attention to the links of water, waste and energy, with the goal of advancing Australia’s interests in the complex interplay of 21st Century Resources.

The role of the 21st Century Resources research theme is to facilitate frontier research initiatives involving RSES researchers in collaboration with scientists in other organisations. It is anticipated that through the 21st Century Resources theme, ANU will play a role in AuScope, UNCOVER and future Centre of Excellence and Cooperative Research Centre bids.

Scientists involved in this theme are from a wide range of research groups spanning all areas of the Earth Sciences. The diversity of critical resources for the 21st Century will be highlighted at our inaugural symposium in November 2016 (see event details below).

Theme facilitators

Co-faciliators of this theme are Anthony Purcell, Jonathan Pownall and Antony Burnham.

Academic staff