The Australian Continent:
a Geophysical Synthesis

Introduction ch1

Setting ch2

Radiometry ch3

Magnetics ch4

Gravity ch5

Earthquakes and Stress Field ch6

Seismic Structure: Crust ch7

Seismic Structure: Mantle ch8

Density Structure ch9

Electrical Conductivity ch10

Heat Flow and temperature ch11

Relations between Fields ch12

Resources and Geophysical Fields ch13

Weathering and Regolith ch14


The Australian Continent: a Geophysical Synthesis

B.L.N. Kennett, R. Chopping, R. Blewett

ANU Press, 2018

DOI: 10.22459/AC.08.2018

Image gallery


This Image gallery presents all the continental-scale images included in the book, but also provides additional overlays, e.g., with geological provinces.
All the continental-scale images are on the same geographic projection and are displayed at the same scale to allow direct comparison.
Click on the coloured blocks to display the relevant Chapter contents.

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