Full crustal Reflection Profiling across the Australian Continent

Deep Crustal Seismic Reflection Profiling Australia 1978–2015 presents the full suite of reflection profiles penetrating the whole crust carried out in Australia from 1978–2015 by Geoscience Australia and various partners.

The set of reflection data comprises over 16,000 km of coverage across the whole continent, and provides an insight into the variations in crustal architecture in the varied geological domains. The work represents a collaboration between the Research School of Earth Sciences at the Australian National University and Geoscience Australia.The crustal component of AuSREM makes use of prior compilations of sediment thicknesses, with cross checks against recent reflection profiling, and provides P and S wavespeed distributions through the crust.

Each reflection profile is presented at approximately true scale with up to 220 km of profile per page and overlap between pages. Each reflection section is accompanied by a geological strip map showing the configuration of the line superimposed on 1:1M geology. The compilation includes a number of large scale reflection transects groups of 1000 km or more that link across major geological provinces, and an extensive bibliography of reports and relevant publications.

The suite of reflection lines are shown on the image below.

Profiles conducted with explosive sources are shown in orange, and those with vibrator sources in red. In addition marine profiles around Tasmania are included, shown in blue.

This book is available now for free download as a PDF from the ANU Press at:


and is also available for print on demand (A4 landscape format) from the ANU Press (A$95 plus postage)

Last updated 14 August 2018