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The majority of the seismic data that will be utilized in this study will come from earthquakes generated at the boundary of the Australian plate.  Regions prolific in seismic activity include Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and New Zealand. Earthquakes from regions further north such as the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan will also significantly contribute to the dataset. To the south and west, the Australian plate is bounded by spreading ridges which produce much fewer earthquakes; as a result, the azimuthal distribution of the data will not be homogeneous. However, previous studies in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania indicate that this distribution of events is more than adequate for 3-D teleseismic tomography. A map showing the distribution of earthquakes (red dots) in the Australian region is included below. The events shown occurred in the period early November 2004 to early April 2005 and are at least of magnitude 5.5.


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