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A number of different people and organisations are involved in the SSCUA project.

A list of the key participants from Australian National University is given below.

Dr Anya Reading Research Fellow Project principal investigator, Antarctic field deployments, data interpretation 6125 3213
Prof Brian Kennett Group Leader Oversee SSCUA project, data interpretation 6125 4621
Mr Stewart Fishwick Ph.D. student Data interpretation 6125 4324
Mr Steve Sirotjuk Senior Technical Officer Equipment preparation, field deployment and instrument maintenance 6125 4922
Mr Tony Percival Senior Technical Officer Equipment preparation 6125 3340
Mr Armando Arcidiaco Research Assistant Data management 6125 3408

The following directly support the project (click on LINKS button above for URLs):
  • Australian Antarctic Division: Field logistics in Antarctica using fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Antarctic station support. Assistance from Division headquarters, Kingston, Tasmania. ASAC grant.
  • Australian National University: Major Equipment Committee grant.
  • Research School Earth Sciences: Workshop facilities and grant-holding institute (in addition to personal contributions listed above).
  • Australian National Seismic Imaging Resource (ANSIR): Equipment pool, instrument servicing and deployment advice.


For more information on the SSCUA project, contact