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The SSCUA project aims to deploy seismic stations across Australian Antarctic Territory (shaded grey on the map below) over three years. In each deployment year, stations are installed in new locations. The red triangle below show the approximate locations of stations in the first year of deployment 2003/03. In subsequent years, the stations will be redeployed to cover other regions of East Antarctica (indicated schematically by the orange and yellow triangle on the map below).

Click to view a powerpoint presentation which includes the project's scientific background.

In summary: the recorded data will be processed in a number of ways to investigate:

1) The structure of the crust and upper lithosphere beneath each station

2) Any seismic neotectonic activity near each station

3) A better resolution of seismic inhomogeneity in the mantle beneath Antarctica and the Southern Ocean (see below).

Rays drawn between regions of high seismicity, like the Tonga-Kermadec trench north of New Zealand, to the station locations of the first SSCUA deployment (2002/03) show the dense coverage achieved over East Antarctica using temporary recording stations in these locations. This is a research interest of Ph.D. student Stewart Fishwick (click on CONTACTS above for his e-mail address).


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