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A large number of people contributed to the success of the TIGGER project in the field. A list of the key participants and their responsibilities are listed below.

Professor Brian Kennett Group Leader Oversee TIGGER project brian@rses.anu.edu.au 6125 4621
Dr. Anya Reading Research Fellow Design broadband experiment and interpret broadband data anya@rses.anu.edu.au 6125 3213
Dr. Nick Rawlinson Postdoctoral Fellow Design short period experiment and interpret short period data nick@rses.anu.edu.au 6125 0339
Mr. Steve Sirotjuk Senior Technical Officer Field deployment and broadband recorder maintenance steve@rses.anu.edu.au 6125 4922
Mr. Tony Percival Senior Technical Officer Short period recorder maintenance ajp@rses.anu.edu.au 6125 3340
Mr. Armando Arcidiaco Research Assistant Data management armando@rses.anu.edu.au 6125 3408

External collaboration played a significant role in the success of this project. External collaborators are listed below:


For more information on the TIGGER project, contact

anya@rses.anu.edu.au nick@rses.anu.edu.au