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S&MG Research Group

SOC - Structure of Cratons
MBALE - Murray Basin Asthenosphere and Lithosphere Experiment

Australia is characterized by several cratons and orogens. This new seismic experiment (SoC) provides the possibility to characterize the structure of the Gawler craton and the Curnamona craton. Our aim is to determine the transition between the Precambrian lithosphere and the Phanerozoic lithosphere in South Australia. The nature of the basement beneath the Lachlan Orogen and the number of ancient subduction zones are still debated. The goals of this seismic experiment are:

i) to determine the plate and the crust thicknesses with receiver functions analyses,

ii) to constrain the deformation of the crust and the upper mantle using seismic anisotropy,

iii) to increase the coverage of previous seismic deployments in South East Australia to improve the 3-D images of the crust and upper mantle by body wave and surface wave seismic tomography. We will also make use of the ambient seismic noise.

SoC is designed to be complementary of broad-band deployments in South Australia (SKIPPY, TASMAL, Mount Gambier and MBALE in the Murray Basin). The combined dataset will allow an unprecedented determination of the structure of the lithosphere and the asthenosphere beneath South Australia.

For more information please contact Prof. B. L.N. Kennett or Dr. F. R. Fontaine or Dr. H. Tkalcic