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S&MG Field Projects

Since 1992 the group has carried out a major program of deployment of portable broad-band seismic stations across Australia in experiments primarily designed to improve knowledge of the 3-D structure of the region. The SKIPPY experiment (1993-1996) with a sequence of 6 progressive deployments across the continent with an interstation spacing of around 400 km, provided the first coverage of the whole of Australia and its surroundings. Subsequent experiments have been on a range of scales, including detailed studies of the Kimberley region, SE Australia and Tasmanian and broader scale coverage of Western Austrlia and the surroundings of the Tasman line marking the edge of Precambrian outcrop. The program of portable deployments has also been extended to East Antarctica where currently 7 instruments have been deployed. seismic deployments throughout Australia

BILBY: Stuart & Barkley Hwys2008-2009
MINQ: Mount Isa - Northern Queensland2009-2010
GAWLER: Gawler Craton, Eyre Peninsula2008-2009
SEAL: southeastern Australia2004-2009
SOC: Structure of cratons (southeastern Australia)2007-2008
MBALE: Gawler Craton2007-2008
CAPRA: Western Australia2006-2008
SETA: Tasmania2006-2007
TASMAL: surrounding the Tasman Line2003-200?
SSCUA: Antarctica2002-200?
TIGGER: Tasmania2001-2002
WACraton: WA Cratons2000-2003
TAM: TransAntarctic Mtns1999-2000
QUOLL: southeastern Australia1999
KIMBA: Kimberly Craton1997-1998
RELACS: Rabaul Volcano, Papua New Guinea1997
SKIPPY: leap-frogging across Australia1993-1996