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The Australian National University
Research School of Earth Sciences
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S&MG Research Group People

EARTH PHYSICS - Seismology & Mathematical Geophysics
Research School of Earth Sciences
The Australian National University
Building 61 Mills Road
Canberra, ACT 0200

Tel: +61 2 6125 5502
Fax: +61 2 6257 2737

Phone Numbers: add 612 prefix (e.g. 5-5502 -> 6125-5502)
If dialing internationally: +61-2-6125-5502

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Academic Staff

Brian Kennett Director of RSES, Professor of Seismology,
and ANSIR Director
Malcolm Sambridge Professor, Head of S&MG Research Group5-4557
Hrvoje Tkalcic Fellow5-4174
Nick Rawlinson Fellow5-5512
Pierre Arroucau Postdoctoral Fellow5-0339
Michelle Salmon Postdoctoral Fellow5-1168
Sara Pozgay Postdoctoral Fellow5-6108


Muksin Umar Seismology, MPhil5-1520
Thomas Bodin CADI, PhD5-1520
Myall Hingee Seismology, Honours5-4833
David Robinson Seismology, PhD5-5162
Ross Brodie Seismology, PhD5-5162

Visitors & Emeritus

F.E.M. (Ted) Lilley Senior Fellow, Geomagnetism5-4174
Charles Barton President IAGA5-4833
Phil Cummins Neotectonics - Geoscience Australia02-6249-9632
Andrew Kositsky visiting student, seismology5-4833
Pia Berger visiting student, seismology5-4833
Christophe Zaroli visiting student, seismology5-4833

Technical Staff

Tony Percival Senior Technical Officer5-3340
Qi Li Technical Officer5-4922
Armando Arcidiaco Data Manager5-3408
Ray Martin Unix Engineer5-4269
Chris Tarlowski Scientific Programmer5-5162
Scott Savage Technical Officer - Warumungu08-8962-2853
Aron Coffey Technical Officer - Warumungu08-8962-2853
Shinta Bonnefoy CADI Scientific Programmer5-5162
Sherryl Kluver Earth Physics Administration5-5502