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Useful Links

If you are interested in more information about tomography with irregular parameterization, or other useful software, then check out the links below:

Geomview: An interactive 3-D viewing program for Unix. It allows 3-D objects to be viewed and manipulated, and accepts a variety of file formats. A plug-in module called Stagetools can be used for creating animations, saving stills etc. Geomview was originally written at the Geometry Center.

Qhull: A program for computing convex hulls, Delauney triangulations, Voronoi diagrams etc. It does not supprt constrained Delauney triangulation. Qhull is from the Geometry Center.

The Geometry Center: Contains many useful tools for computing and visualizing 2-D and 3-D objects. The Geometry Center is no longer active, but the web site is still operational and all programs are freely available.

Global tomography: This is a page maintained by Harmen Bijwaard, who has carried out a number of global tomography studies including one that adopts an irregular parameterization.


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