The following two movies are referred to in the appendices of the paper:

Rawlinson, N. and Sambridge, M., 2002. Irregular interface parameterization in 3-D wide-angle seismic traveltime tomography, Geophys. J. Int.,submitted.

The following movie shows a single interface structure defined by 357 nodes on a regular grid. The surface is constructed from a mosaic of cubic B-spline patches whose size and shape depend  on the distribution of the nodes.  An array of five sources and 142 receivers are positioned above the model in such a way that a highly heterogeneous ray coverage is produced. The movie illustrates the geometry of 537 refracted and 260 reflected rays through the model. The traveltimes of these rays comprise the synthetic dataset used by a series of synthetic tests in Rawlinson & Sambridge (2002) to demonstrate the effectiveness of an irregular parameterization. Click on the following image to download the MPEG movie. This movie is referenced in Appendix A of the paper. Green rays are reflected; red rays are refracted.

Note: 8.7 Mb in size

In Appendix B of Rawlinson and Sambridge (2002), the following MPEG movie is referenced.  It shows the Moho geometry and constraining ray paths of a solution model obtained from the inversion of wide-angle traveltimes collected in Tasmania (SE Australia) in 1995. A total of 2148 PmP and 442 Pn traveltimes are used in the inversion, and the Moho surface is composed of 240 irregularly spaced nodes preferentially distributed to regions with good ray coverage. Click on the following image to download the movie. Green rays are reflected and red rays are refracted.

Note: 8.5 Mb in size

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