Honours in Earth & Marine Science

Aero Leplastrier

In Earth and Marine Science Honours, the principal component involves a research project conducted under supervision of a research scientist. This will introduce you to all aspects of scientific research: experimental design, data collection, statistical analysis, scientific writing and publishing.  In addition you will do several units of coursework - selected to compliment your research.

Honours in Earth and Marine Science can be undertaken full time or part time. Please note - students can also select any Science  4000 level course as part of their coursework component on approval from the Honours convenor.

Program convenors

Dr Brad Opdyke


+61 2) 6125 4205

Prof Ian Campbell


(+61 2) 6125 4366

Program structure

The Earth and Marine Sciences Honours specialisation requires the completion of 48 units, which must consist of:

minimum of 24 units from completion of EMSC4005 Earth and Marine Sciences Honours Thesis.

6 units from completion of EMSC4017 Research Methods and Proposal - this course is compulsory

maximum of 18 units from completion of courses from the following list:

or any Science 4000 level course with permission from the Honours convenor.

A list of other available EMSC4000 level courses can be viewed below (most of these courses are taught with an equivalent undergraduate level course):

  • EMSC4002 Structural Geology and Tectonics
  • EMSC4006 The Blue Planet: an introduction to Earth system science
  • EMSC4012 Introduction to Structural and Field Geology
  • EMSC4014 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • EMSC4015 Chemistry of Planet Earth
  • EMSC4019 Geobiology and Evolution of Life on Earth
  • EMSC4021 Fundamentals of Climate System Science
  • EMSC4023 Marine Biogeochemistry
  • EMSC4024 Magmatism and Metamorphism
  • EMSC4025 Groundwater
  • EMSC4027 Palaeoclimatology and Climate Change
  • EMSC4032 Melting polar ice sheets, sea level variations & climate change
  • EMSC4050 Special Topics in Earth Science
  • EMSC4109 Advanced Earth Physics
  • EMSC4117 Rocks and Minerals
  • EMSC4122 Analytical Techniques
  • EMSC4123 Data Analysis
  • EMSC4706 Introduction to Natural Hazards

The Honours Convenor and your supervisor can advise on the selection of these courses.