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structure and tectonic team

The Structure Tectonics Team @ ANU

The Structure and Tectonics Team at the Research School of Earth Sciences, is led by Professor Gordon Lister and includes a diverse range of people, interests and project fields.


Professor Gordon Lister
Structural Geology and Tectonics.

Dr Marnie Forster
Australian Research Fellow,
Argon Geochronology, Structural Geology and Tectonics

Jia-Urnn Lee
Research Assistant

Mike Robinson
Research Assistant

Jiadong Shi
Research Assistant

Davood Vasegh
Technical Officer
Argon Lab


Iona Stenhouse PhD Candidate (submitted)
Diffusion modelling and garnet geospeedometry

Clemens Augenstein PhD Candidate (in revision)
The influence of horizontal extension on the structure of the Central European Alps

Jia-Urnn Lee PhD Candidate (submitted)
Argon geochronology and microstructure along the Himalayan geotransect

Tomas O'Kane PhD Candidate
4D tectonic reconstruction

Oleg Koudashev PhD Candidate
Tectonic evolution of porphyry deposits

Sareh Rajabi PhD Candidate
Microstructurally-focussed argon geochronology

Atefeh Saltanatpouri PhD Candidate
The physics of earthquakes

International Collaborators:

Professor Robert Hall and Dr Lloyd White
Southeast Asia Research Group
Royal Holloway University of London

Professor Talat Ahmad
Department of Geology,
University of New Delhi, India

Dr Emmanouil Skourtsos
Athens University, Greece

Professor Roberto Compagnoni
Dipartimento di Scienze Mineralogiche e Petrologiche,
Università degli Studi di Torino, Italie


Musri Malaweda, ITB, Indonesia

Dr Lloyd White, SEARG, RHUL

Former students

Marco Beltrando, PhD
Evolution of the European Alps

David Wood, PhD
Evolution and exhumation of the Anakie Inlier, Qld

Daniel Viete, PhD
Barrovian metamorphism, Scotland

Andrew Barker, Honours
Three-dimensional evolution of the lithosphere of the Aegean Sea, Greece

Lloyd White, PhD
The India-Asia collision

Gordon Lister at the MCT, NW India

Marnie Forster and Jia-Urnn Lee at Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia




HIM 2008 team in NW Himalaya, India

Gordon Lister and Manolis Skourtsos at Athens University