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Students in the Structure Tectonics Team @ RSES

Lloyd White lloyd-in-gum-tree-at-broken-hill-field-camp
Lloyd White Episodic behaviour during the India-Asia collision
Tomas O'Kane tomas-in-the-field
Tomas O'Kane 4D South America
jia-urnn-lee group-photo-him09
Jia-Urnn Lee Microstructurally focussed argon geochronology along the NW Himalayan Delhi-ANU geotransect
clemens-augenstein clemens-in-the-field
Clemens Augenstein The relation between the orogenic lid of the Alpine orogeny and the Lepontine metamorphic core complex
iona-stenhouse iona-in-the-field
Iona Stenhouse Diffusion in garnet and the duration of metamorphism in the Buchan-Barrovian series
oleg-koudashev oleg-in-the-field
Oleg Koudashev, PhD candidate Evolution of the Yandera porphyry, PNG
This spot reserved for you.

We are looking for super smart PhD candidates, with intellect, initiative, and resourcefulness.

GPA should be up around 80-85% (preferably higher if you want a scholarship)

I.Want.aPhd.Project Come work in the structure-tectonics team @ RSES