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Earth Physics - Prof. B.L.N. Kennett

B.L.N. Kennett

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Graduate Students

University of Cambridge:

    C.M.R. Fowler, Ph.D., 1976
              Seismic Studies of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 37 N.
    J-C Dreyfus, Doctorat de Troisieme Cycle (Paris), 1979
              Static corrections for high resolution reflection seismology
    A.W.H. Bunch, Ph.D., 1980
              Development of seismic interpretation techniques for marine refraction
              surveys with application to the Reykjanes Ridge
    V.J. Hughes, Ph.D., 1981
              Applications of seismic methods to coal prospecting.
    T.J. Clarke, Ph.D., 1982
              Studies of the inversion of the free oscillations of the Earth and the
              propagation of surface waves in laterally varying media.
    M.R. Illingworth, Ph.D., 1982
              Seismic wave propagation in spherically stratified and transversely
              isotropic media.
    N.J. Kerry, Ph.D., 1983
              Development of methods for the synthesis of seismic surface wave trains.
    A.J. Harding, Ph.D., 1984
              Applications of slant-stacking methods to the recovery of velocity
              information from reflection seismic records.
    P.R. Williamson, Ph.D., 1986
              Application of tomographic techniques to seismic data.

The Australian National University:

    V. Maupin, 1986 (visiting from Strasbourg, France for last year of Ph.D.)
              Surface wave propagation anomalies in the Indian Ocean.
    M.S. Sambridge, Ph.D., 1988
              Application of inverse methods to hypocentre location and velocity
              structure in southeastern Australia.
    D.C. Jepsen, Ph.D., 1990
              Development of digital processing techniques for seismic arrays
    S.C. Dey, Ph.D., 1990
              The use of large scale seismic arrays to study the structure of the
              upper mantle
    B.R. Goleby, Ph.D., 1990
              Seismic reflection studies in central Australia
    S-H Cao, Ph.D., 1990
              Modelling and inversion with application to reflection seismology
    M. Bostock, Ph.D., 1992
              The propagation of surface waves in three-dimensionally varying media
    C. Tong, Ph.D., 1996,
              Innovative seismic data analysis for broadband seismic records
    B. Minty, Ph.D., 1997
              Studies of airborne radiometry
    T. Nestor, Ph.D., 1997
              Seismic wave propagation in laterally varying media
    M. Leonard, Ph.D., 1997
              Analysis of seismic array data, especially for later seismic phases
    S. Widiyantoro, Ph.D., 1998
              Regional and global seismic tomography
    G. Clitheroe, Ph.D., 1999,
              Crustal and Lithospheric structure beneath Australia
    D. Bright, Ph.D., 2000,
              Numerical modelling of atmospheric wave disturbances
    Y. Hiyoshi, Ph.D., 2001,
              Determination of the shear structure beneath the Australian region by
              surface wave tomography
    H. Cheng, Ph.D., 2001,
              Studies of seismic attenuation in the Australian region
    K. Marson-Pidgeon, Ph.D., 2001,
              Modelling broad-band seismograms
    K. Yoshizawa, Ph.D., 2002,
              Surface wave propagation and inversion
    T-K Hong, Ph.D., 2003,
              Seismic wave propagation using wavelets
    S. Fishwick, Ph.D., 2005,
              Surface wave tomography
    M. Miller, Ph.D., 2006,
              Tectonic evolution of the N.W. Pacific
    E. Saygin, Ph.D., 2007,
              Receiver based seismic methods
    A. Abdulah, Ph.D., 2008,
              Attenuation tomography
    I. Itikarai, M.Phil., 2009,
              Volcano seismology for the Rabaul Caldera
    Muksin, M.Phil., 2010
              Structure of Sumatran region
    R. Chopping 2012-
              Lithospheric boundaries in Australia


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