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Earth Physics - Prof. B.L.N. Kennett

B.L.N. Kennett

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Publications 2005-2010

Book contributions

B15   Kennett B.L.N. (2007)
      Major divisions of Earth Structure, 208-214 [PDF]
      Seismic Phases, 903-907 [PDF]
      Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism,
      eds D. Gubbins & E. Herrero-Bervera, Springer

B16   Furumura T. & Kennett B.L.N. (2008),
      A scattering wave-guide in the heterogeneous subducting plate,
      in "Earth Heterogeneity and Scattering Effects on Seismic Waves",
      ed R. Dmowska, Advances in Geophysics 50, 195-217. [PDF]

Articles in refereed journals

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198. Miller M.S., Gorbatov A. & Kennett B.L.N. (2005) Heterogeneity within the subducting Pacific plate beneath the Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc: evidence from tomography using 3D ray-tracing inversion techniques, Earth Planet Sci. Lett., 235, 331-342. [PDF]

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211. Kennett B.L.N. (2006b), On seismological reference models and the perceived nature of heterogeneity, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 159, 129-139. [PDF]

212. Kennett B.L.N. (2006c), Developments in passive seismic techniques through the ANSIR National Research Facility, Expl. Geophys., 37, 278-285. [PDF]

213. Goleby B.R., Blewett R.S., Fomin T., Fishwick S., Reading A.M., Henson P.A., Kennett B.L.N., Champion D.C., Jones L., Drummond B.J., & Nicoll M. (2006), An integrated multi-scale 3D seismic model of the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Tectonophysics,420, 75-90. [PDF]

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Conference Proceedings

C9 Korsch, R.J., Blewett, R.S., Giles, D., Reid, A.J., Neumann, N.L., Fraser, G.L., Holzschuh, J., Costelloe, R.D., Duan, J., Milligan, P.R., Roy, I.G., Cowley, W.M., Armit, R., Kennett, B.L.N., Betts, P., Baines, G., Preiss, W.V. and Bendall, B.R., (2010) Geological interpretation of the deep seismic reflection and magnetotelluric line 08GA-OM1: Gawler Craton-Officer Basin-Musgrave Province-Amadeus Basin (GOMA) South Australia and Northern Territory. In Korsch R.J. and Kositcin, N. editors, GOMA (Gawler Craton-Officer Basin-Musgrave Province-Amadeus Basin) Seismic and MT Workshop 2010, Geoscience Australia, Record, 2010/39, 63-86.

C10 Kennett B.L.N., (2010) Understanding the lithosphere in the vicinity of seismic line 08GA-OM1 from Passive Seismic Studies. In Korsch R.J. and Kositcin, N. editors, GOMA (Gawler Craton-Officer Basin-Musgrave Province-Amadeus Basin) Seismic and MT Workshop 2010, Geoscience Australia, Record, 2010/39, 87-94.

C11 Korsch, R.J., Kositcin N., Blewett, R.S., Cowley, W.M., Neumann N.L., Fraser, G.L., Reid, A.J.,Giles, D., Armit, R., Betts, P., Baines, G., Kennett, B.L.N., and Preiss, W.V. (2010) Geodynamic implications of deep seismic reflection line 08GA-OM1: Gawler Craton-Officer Basin-Musgrave Province-Amadeus Basin (GOMA) South Australia and Northern Territory. In Korsch R.J. and Kositcin, N. editors, GOMA (Gawler Craton-Officer Basin-Musgrave Province-Amadeus Basin) Seismic and MT Workshop 2010, Geoscience Australia, Record, 2010/39, 138-151.