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Earth Physics - Prof. B.L.N. Kennett

B.L.N. Kennett

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Publications 1985-1994

Book contributions

B3.   Kennett B.L.N. & Williamson P.R. (1987),
      Subspace methods for large scale nonlinear inversion,
      in Mathematical Geophysics, 139-154, ed. N.J. Vlaar et al, D. Riedel, Dordrecht.

B4.   Kennett B.L.N. (1988),
      Systematic approximations to the seismic wave field, 237-259,
      Radiation from a moment tensor source, 427-441,
      in Seismological Algorithms, ed. D.J. Doornbos , Academic Press, London.

B5.   Kennett B.L.N. (1989),
      Elastic waves in homogeneous and heterogeneous media,
      in Encyclopedia of Geophysics, 367-372, ed. D. James , Van Nostrand.

B6.   Kennett B.L.N. (1993),
      Structure and heterogeneity in the Upper Mantle,
      in Relating Geophysical Structure and Processes: the Jeffreys Volume, 53-66, AGU Monograph 76,
      ed. R. Dmowska & K.Aki, American Geophysical Union.


Articles in refereed journals

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Conference Proceedings

C4. Kennett B.L.N. (1986), The limitations of seismic modelling of geologic structures, 439-444 in Proc P.E.S.A. Symposium on the Bass Strait, ed. R. Glenie.

C5. Kennett B.L.N.(1992), Earthquake location as a inverse problem, 59-66 in Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations, ed A.K. Pani & R. Anderssen, Proceedings Centre for Mathematical Analysis, ANU, 31

Lecture Notes (in book form)

L1. Kennett B.L.N. (1990) Continuum Mechanics, pp 88, also available from Samizdat Press at

L2. Kennett B.L.N. (1991) Elastic Waves in Reflection Seismology, pp ii+122, Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU