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Earth Physics - Prof. B.L.N. Kennett

B.L.N. Kennett

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Publications 1995-2004

Book contributions

B7.   Kennett B.L.N. (1995),
      Seismic Travel Times,
      Handbook of Geophysical Constants vol 1, 126-143, ed. T.J. Ahrens, American Geophysical Union

B8.   Kennett B.L.N. & van der Hilst, R.D. (1997),
      Seismic structure in the mantle - from subduction zone to craton,
      in The Earth's Mantle, Composition, Structure and Evolution, 381-404, ed. I. Jackson, Cambridge University Press

B9   van der Hilst R.D., Kennett B.L.N. & Shibutani T. (1998),
      Upper mantle structure beneath Australia from portable array deployments,
      in The Structure and Evolution of the Australian Continent, 39-58, Geodynamics Monograph 26,
      ed J. Braun et al, American Geophysical Union. abstract

B10   Kennett B.L.N. (2000),
      Chapter 11: Crust and Lithosphere from Seismic Observations,
      in Billion Year earth history of Australia and near-neighbours in Gondwanaland,
      ed J.J. Veevers, GEMOC Press, Sydney.

B11   Kennett B.L.N. (2003),
      Seismic Structure in the mantle beneath Australia,
      in The Evolution and Dynamics of the Australian Plate,
      Geological Societies of Australia and America. (Ed. D. Müller & R. Hillis). [PDF]

B12   Debayle E. & Kennett B.L.N. (2003),
      Surface wave studies of the Australian region,
      in The Evolution and Dynamics of the Australian Plate,
      Geological Societies of Australia and America, (Ed. D. Müller & R. Hillis). [PDF]

B13   Kennett B.L.N. (2003),
      85.10 Synthetic seismogram calculation using the reflectivity method, 1625-1626 (+ code on CD),
      Intermational Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology, Part B,
      eds. W.H.K. Lee, H. Kanamori, P.C. Jennings & C. Kisslinger, Academic Press. [PDF]

B14   Kennett B.L.N. (2004), Heterogeneity patterns in the mantle,
      State of the Planet: Frontiers and Challenges,
      eds. S. Sparks & C. Hawkesworth, Geophysical Monograph 150 and IUGG volume 19,
      American Geophysical Union/IUGG, 10.1029/150GM05. [PDF]

Articles in refereed journals

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