This is the homepage for David J. Robinson. I work in the Risk Assessment Methods Section at Geoscience Australia, an Australian Federal Government Agency. I am also a Visiting Fellow at the Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University.

My two main interests are as follows:

Coda Wave Interferometry and Earthquake Source Properties

Many applications in seismology use a limited section of the seismic wave. For example, the use of arrival times in earthquake location or the polarity of first arrivals in source mechanism inversions. Existing techniques that use more of the waveform typically require filtering to long wavelengths due to the inability of forward modeling techniques and velocity data to adequately model the high frequency components. This means that not all the data is exploited. In coda wave interferometry we exploit the interference pattern between the complete waveforms of two different earthquakes to constrain the change in location and/or source mechanism between them. When combined with traditional techniques we achieve less uncertainty in solutions for source location and source mechanism. Less uncertainty will lead to enhanced understanding of earthquake processes in areas of repeated seismicity.

Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis

This is a subject area that I have devoted much of my work towards at Geoscience Australia. I am one the Earthquake Activity Leader in the Risk Assessment Methods Section and the key devloper of the EQRM, a computer program capable of earthquake scenario ground motion and scenario loss modeling as well as probabilistic seismic hazard (PSHA) and risk (PSRA) modeling. The program can be used for hazard or risk analyses in any region of the world by supplying appropriately formatted input files. An open-source alpha-release version of the EQRM can be dowloaded from EQRM Google Code. Source code is also supplied so advanced users can modify individual components to suit their needs. The EQRM is a product of Geoscience Australia, an Australian Government Agency.

David J Robinson


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