These photos are taken during the deployment of an array of broadband stations in the central parts of Australia. The field campaign is organized by Sara Pozgay, a postdoctoral fellow at RSES, and consists of deploying a long line of broadband instruments stretching from south-central parts of Australia, following the Stuart Highway, and finally bending towards Mt. Isa in north-west Queensland. We visited some beautiful places, such as mystic Uluru and Coober Pedy, the world capital of opals. Five of us participated in the deployment phase of BILBY, but since then, several other postdocs and researchers have been returning to the field, to service the equipment. The instruments are supposed to record distant earthquakes for more than 1 year. The recorded waveforms should provide important clues about the Australian lithosphere.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

A rainbow after long expected rain in the outback

Under the rainbow

Camels live happily as wild animals in the Australian outback

Before the rain

Approaching Uluru

Our underground accommodation in Coober Pedy, where a large percentage of population lives underground

We travel with two 4WD vehicles for security reasons

The crew installing a station

Some places along the Bilby route

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