This field deployment is a component of a rolling array of short-period instruments in the southwestern part of Australia, an effort led by my colleague Nick Rawlinson. RSES has deployed more than 500 short period stations in this part of Australia in the last 10 years. The photos are from the instrument deployment stage, and some of them illustrate the conditions we encounter in the field. This was by far the most challenging field work in my experience.

It was a difficult field work, muddy and wet. We encountered two rain fronts on our 6000 km long road trip. Red color dominated the landscape.

A ram skeleton

Pierre Arroucau preparing a site

A tree and a seismic station

Kangaroos were everywhere, probably excited by the rain

Luckily, our wipers worked OK

Another scene of the Australian outback

Rains were following us from the beginning and our two vehicles got bogged six times in total.

A typical outback scene

Nick Rawlinson and I installing a station

The red color is not rust! It is mud that dried and got stuck on the vehicle

Nick Rawlinson installing a site near Broken Hill

An outback scene from somewhere near Wilcannia and Ivanhoe

Lamb chops and Zinfandel went perfectly together on this rare occasion

Kangaroos are not the only ones who run in front of an approaching vehicle

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