Tanja Pejić

Research School of Earth Sciences
The Australian National University
Jaeger Building 2
Room #238
Mills Road Acton
Canberra, ACT 2601
+61 2 6125-4833 (tel)
+61 2 6257-2737 (fax)
e-mail Tanja.Pejic@anu.edu.au


PhD in Seismology, 2013 -
Tentative PhD thesis topics: Attenuation of the Earth's Inner Core;
Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University

M.Sc. in Physics-Geophysics, speciality in Seismology and physics of solid Earth, 2012
B.Sc. in Physics-Geophysics, 2010
Department of Geophysics, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Department of Physics, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Academic honours/achievements:

2012 Vice Chancellor's Annual Award for a research project in seismology, University of Zagreb
2011 Dean's Award - Best student in generation, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
2004 Latin language national championship (bronze medal)

Research Interests:

Structure and dynamics of Earth's core and mantle
Lithospheric imaging using surface and body waves

Other skills and interests:

Croatian (native language), English (fluent)
Dancing, aerial fitness, gymnastics, drawing
Contributing author to RSES student blog oncirculation

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