Changing Barcodes in Chemwatch

Editing and changing barcodes is no longer possible. 

This method that was posted here has been edited June 2017. 
This note is to save you wasting time trying.
A Chemwatch update early in 2017 removed the ability to edit barcodes on existing containers.
Your only option is to delete the container and re-enter as a new container with a new barcode. 
You can follow the notes below now but Chemwatch restrictions  only allow you to edit these attributes - Vendor Part #, Catalog Name, Container size

Joe Cali

Notes : -
  1. User must have the "unlock saved container details" privilege.
  2. If you try to change the barcode to another barcode already in use it won't allow the change.
  3. Chemeritus occasionally just stops allowing you to perform this action. If this happens, log out and log back in and it will be restored.