TSE 2010 TATAKOTO, French Polynesia

Private expedition to Tatakoto Atoll, French Polynesia
July 3rd-July 18th, 2010

Report from Bob Pine based in the town of Tumukuru

It may be a surprise to learn I watched the eclipse in relative isolation.  After first contact, I found
several people at Madeleine's place had put the eclipse shades on and were watching the Sun -- I
showed them the flyer and reminded them that it was going to be a relatively long time until totality,
and they weren't supposed to stare at the Sun for long periods of time even with the eclipse shades. 
The street that runs past Madeleine's was completely deserted and I surmised that everyone had
gone to the University of Hawaii camp to watch.  Only Jean-Luc and Sophia wanted (or were able) to
go with me. We walked past the church and I noticed a little plaza in front -- it was such a tranquil
scene we just decided to watch from there.  I had brought some binoculars and the eclipse was long
enough that the three of us were able to share.

At second and third contact, Sophia especially was very vocal with shouts of joy, and I also heard
shouts from unseen observers down the road. (Note that I heard similar shouts when Spain scored
the lone goal during the World Cup final.)

                            "Anastasia     Madeleine     Marie    Sophia    Jean-Luc"

I took a few snapshots with my point-and-shoot.  One is attached. As I write this, the SEML is
consumed with a thread regarding camera flashes going off during totality.  The irony of course is
I had my flash deactivated; were it turned on the church would have been illuminated to better
effect. (Jean-Luc and Sophia not being privy to the scandalous nature of such an action would
probably not have been perturbed.) Funny, I hadn't even noticed the light over the church entrance
was on.

On the way back we encountered Madeleine leaning against the wall opposite her house.  She looked
happy but a bit tired - probably enjoyed the spectacle but also feeling relieved it had come off to
good effect.

 "Native Performers Offer Congratulations on My 'Novel Interpretation' of Traditional Dances"

 Bob Pine


Links to individual observer's reports and photographs
TSE2010 Home Page        Group report as sent to SEML on July 14th. 

Joe Cali                         - Images from  70mm f6.2 APO refractor;
                                     - full frame fisheye totality flash slide show;
- wide field time-lapse video;
- written account of observations on Tikahana Motu;
- pictures of shadow bands projected on clouds;
                                     - flash gallery of pictures from the eclipse and Tatakoto  

Bengt Alfredsson          - Images from  200mm f2.8 APO telephoto;
                                     - flash gallery of pictures from a great week on Tatakoto. 

Larry Stevens               - Images from  90mm f11 Maksutov.  
&  Michelle Bales            (still under construction)

Matthew Poulton           - Flash gallery of pictures from a fantastic week on Tatakoto 

Geoff Sims                   - Wide field and close up stills;
                                     - two really well-edited movies : -
                                            - one of the eclipse;
                                            - one covering the eclipse and our whole week on Tatakoto. 

Emily Love                     - First timer's impressions of the eclipse.  

Bill Speare                    - Written report.

Bob Pine                       - Bob's account of the eclipse from an almost deserted Tumukuru ( the town on Tatakoto).                         <-  YOU ARE ON THIS PAGE