TSE 2010 TATAKOTO, French Polynesia

Private expedition to Tikahana Motu, Tatakoto Atoll, French Polynesia
July 3rd-July 18th, 2010

Individual Results
Geoff Sims & Emily Love

      " Alone at Last! "
Geoff Sims' stunning wide field totality image.
Joe Cali is the lone figure sitting on the sand spit behind his refractor.
Crystal clear azure waters of a stunning coral lagoon to his left,
 mother natures great spectacle front and centre. 

Baily's Beads :  Geoff has used ten separate images taken in the thirty seconds before second
contact and the thirty seconds after third contact to composite this interesting image.  

Diamond Rings (left) taken at second contact (right) taken at third contact

Chromosphere and Prominences

Shadow bands projected on clouds.  This phenomena was first identified at this eclipse.  Geoff,
Joe, Bengt and Larry (on the main island) all recorded these shadow band images.  


Geoff's facebook album (public access) of Tatakoto photo's -  eclipse + island life ( well worth a look!)


Geoff's excellent short movie (13mins) covers all our time on Tatakoto and really captures the flavour of the place.
Tatakoto Atoll - July 2010 covers one fantastic week. This video includes the footage from the 5 min eclipse video below
including Joe Cali's time lapse sequences.   

Tatakoto Atoll - July 2010 from Geoff Sims. This 5 min clip only covers the Total Solar Eclipse of Jul 11, 2010, as seen from Tikahana Motu on Tatakoto Atoll, French Polynesia.
Footage by Geoff Sims & Emily Love, wide angle time lapse sequences by Joe Cali.

Geoff's web site :       Beyond the Skies, Beneath the Seas  ...the world through the eyes of Geoff Sims


Links to individual observer's reports and photographs
TSE2010 Home Page        Group report as sent to SEML on July 14th.     

Joe Cali                         - Images from  70mm f6.2 APO refractor;
                                     - full frame fisheye totality flash slide show;
                                     - wide field time-lapse video;
                                     - written account of observations on Tikahana Motu;
                                     - pictures of shadow bands projected on clouds;
                                     - flash gallery of pictures from the eclipse and Tatakoto  

Bengt Alfredsson          - Images from  200mm f2.8 APO telephoto;
                                     - flash gallery of pictures from a great week on Tatakoto. 

Larry Stevens               - Images from  90mm f11 Maksutov.  
&  Michelle Bales            (still under construction)

Matthew Poulton           - Flash gallery of pictures from a fantastic week on Tatakoto 

Geoff Sims                   - Wide field and close up stills;                                                   <-  YOU ARE ON THIS PAGE
                                     - two really well-edited movies : -
                                            - one of the eclipse;
                                            - one covering the eclipse and our whole week on Tatakoto. 

Emily Love                     - First timer's impressions of the eclipse.  

Bill Speare                    - Written report.

Bob Pine                       - Bob's account of the eclipse from an almost deserted Tumukuru ( the town on Tatakoto).