TRABOX - A 3-D seismic ray tracing program 

Program TRABOX is an initial value and boundary value (i.e. two-point) seismic ray tracing program in Cartesian co-ordinates. It was initially written by Malcolm Sambridge in 1987 at the Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University. The most recent modification was in May 2001. It has been tested under three different compilers, each giving the same results on the 5 test problems. These are sun f77, GNU g77 and Compaq-Alpha f77. Full details of TRABOX can be found in the  trabox manual.

Raypaths in heterogeneous velocity model       Wavefronts constructed from the raypaths

Left figure: ray tracing through a 2-D heterogeneous model.
Right figure Wavefronts produced by equi-time steps along the rays.

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Conditions of use Note that the software described here is not public domain. It is freely available for research and teaching purposes at a university or teaching institution only. To be used for any other purpose, or in any other place in whole or in part, permission needs to be obtained in writing from the author.

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