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Malcolm Sambridge ~ Research



Malcolm Sambridge - Research


Take a walk through the WWW pages for various research projects

Many of these pages contain downloadable material.

    CADI - Have a look at the Centre for Advanced Data Inference web page. A centre for simulation and inversion applied across the Earth Sciences.

    TerraWulf project - A Beowulf cluster of dedicated to complex data inference problems in the Earth sciences. Construction of TI began April 2003. It successor TII was launched in June 2008.
    Neighbourhood algorithm - A stochastic direct search non-linear inversion technique for multi-dimensional parameter spaces. Generation and appraisal on an ensemble of solutions.
    Tomography in irregular cells - paper and code dealing with the parametrization of whole earth tomographic problems in terms of 3-D Delaunay tetrahedra or Voronoi polyhedra. Updated Dec 2002
    RUM - A Regionalized Upper Mantle seismic model of Earth.
    Natural Neighbours homepage - A page containing several projects at RSES where natural neighbors have been used, e.g. interpolation, geodynamic modeling, seismology.
    Software page - Contains all downloadable software for various applications. 3-D seismic ray tracing, Wavefront tracking, Nonlinear inversion, Natural neighbour software and related.