Australian Seismological Reference Model AuSREM

Seismological models of the Earth's crust and upper mantle structure are critical for many tasks, such as the calculation of earthquake source parameters (location, magnitude, geometry), mapping the distribution of shaking after earthquakes, and the imaging of lithospheric dynamic processes.

AuSREM is designed to bring together the diverse sources of information about the structure under the Australian region. The emphasis is on the Australian continent, but with mantle coverage to the local boundaries of the Australian plate.

The model combines a detailed picture of the crustal structure (P wavespeed, S wavespeed, density and depths of major boundaries) with a rendering of mantle structure (P wavespeed, S wavespeed and density). The target resolution is 0.5 degree so that relatively rapidly varying structure in the crust can be represented and this is linked to a mantle structure for which only the longer wavelengths structures will be well determined.

Overview paper (PDF)

Last updated 14 August 2018