Tomoeye is a set of programs for tomographic model visualization written in MatLab 6.1 script. It can be used not only for tomographic studies but also for visualizing the distribution of any three-dimensional fields in the Earth. MatLab was selected for this package due to easy portability and migration from platform to platform, and from one operational system to another. However, MatLab is very slow on old computers and it would be impossible to run some programs with 3D features if you do not have a good (modern) graphics card. Please note that Tomoeye is not commercial software, so do not expect sensible reactions to inappropriate behavior. Do not try to kill frames using upper-right-corner buttons on the window; instead use the Hide/Show button in the program panel or functions from program Menus. Be sure that all data files and color palettes are loaded before any manipulations. Anyway, we hope that you will enjoy it. Please send your comments and bug reports to Alexei Gorbatov or Ajay Limaye.



Download last version (v1.0)


Program Overview

Explore is the main interactive program which permits you to visualize and explore several tomographic models at the same time. Firstly, download your 3D models, and then the color palette. You can define new cuts by pointing the mouse and using the Cuts menu, and then saving them into the memory if you wish. The List menu allows you to go through the cuts. You can put extra tags to show the location of volcanoes etc.

Extract allows you to show models on the Earth sphere and make cut views. It is interactive. You can download one global model and/or several regional models, extract, combine, and save them etc. Remember the last model overwrites values of the previous model in common points.

Slides is a visualization program for publishing purposes. It takes a slightly modified cut-location file from Explore and draws cross-sections in one page. Visualization of the model by layers is possible in a similar way. Click right mouse button (inside window field near the border) to activate pop-up menu to download configuration files. It has several formats for exporting images including Adobe Illustrator format.

Iso is a fancy program to draw three-dimensional bodies, seismicity, topography etc. It has a facility to export figures to VRML files for web representation. PC or Mac users can use the Cortona plug-in for visualization with Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. See the example VRML files: file1 and file2.


Sample tomographic model and color palette file.

Tomographic models provided by MIT group.

Reference Earth Model Website LANA file format is coming soon!


Please, send request with description of the model file format if you wish that we include it in the list of Tomoeye supported file formats.