Richard Stanaway        

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Research Thesis topic
Implementation of a Dynamic Geodetic Datum in Papua New Guinea; A case study
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Eclipse safari - Lyndhurst, Flinders Ranges & Mt. Chambers Gorge 2002
Postglacial rebound GPS Survey - Antarctica 2001/2002 Summer - Expedition Log
Antarctica - Lambert Galcier, Prince Charles Mountains maps

Contact Information
    Geodynamics Group
    Research School of Earth Sciences
    Australian National University
    Canberra ACT 0200 AUSTRALIA

    Room 156 (Maproom) J3   Jaeger Building
    ITRF   S 3517'03".0     E 14906'53".9     Ht 590m

GPS Survey on the summit of Mt. Amungwiwa (el. 3270m), Papua New Guinea Ekuti Dividing Range

Last updated: 12th August 2005