Potential projects

Below we list potential student projects in RSES, with links to relevant supervisors and research groups. For a list of topics, research groups, and research projects in RSES, please see the research projects page

Research field Academic staff members
Prof. Andy Hogg, Professor Michael Roderick, Dr Kial Stewart, Dr Callum Shakespeare, Dr Dongqin Yin, Dr Adele Morrison, Dr Andrew Kiss, Dr Annette Hirsch, Dr Nicky Wright, Dr Navid Constantinou
Dr Rhodri Davies
Professor Hrvoje Tkalčić, Dr Lauren Waszek
Prof Penelope King
Dr Andrew Berry, Professor Greg Yaxley, Professor Hugh O'Neill, Dr John Mavrogenes, Dr Antony Burnham
Prof Penelope King
Prof Penelope King
Dr Paul Tregoning, Dr Anthony Purcell, Dr Simon McClusky
Professor Phil Cummins
Professor Trevor Ireland, Professor Vickie C. Bennett, Associate Professor Yuri Amelin
Prof. Stephen Eggins, Dr Michael Ellwood
Professor Malcolm Sambridge, Dr Babak Hejrani, Dr Andrew Valentine
Associate Professor Jochen J. Brocks
Dr David Heslop, Professor Andrew P Roberts
Dr Bradley Opdyke
Associate Prof. Jimin Yu
Dr Caroline M. Eakin, Associate Professor Meghan Samantha Miller, Dr Benoît Tauzin

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