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Planet Earth is an amazing place - it is in a constant state of motion, and its surface is always changing. At the centre of the Earth, temperatures are as high as they are on the surface of the Sun. Over billions of years, this has caused continents to drift apart and oceans to open and close. The study of Earth and Marine Sciences is fundamental to our understanding of the precious balance of life on Earth and how the Solar System in which we live was formed.

By studying the rock record, scientists are able to determine the climatic history of Earth when it has been hotter than today, a true 'greenhouse', and colder as an 'icehouse', when glaciers covered much of the Earth's land surface. The Earth & Marine Science program combines internationally renowned researchers, dynamic and exciting undergraduate programs and world class facilities to provide a stimulating and challenging environment to undertake study at all levels.

The Research School of Earth Sciences is a centre of excellence for teaching and research and mobilises a wide range of geological, geochemical and geophysical techniques and expertise to try to understand the nature of the Earth and its environment.

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The ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment and the ANU College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences are offering grants of up to $1000 for potential Honours and PhD students to experience the research opportunities and lifestyle of ANU first-hand.

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