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Below we list potential student projects in RSES, with links to relevant supervisors and research groups. For a list of topics, research groups, and research projects in RSES, please see the research projects page

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Projects Supervisors
Climate & Fluid Physics
Computational Geodynamics
Deep Earth Seismology
Experimental Petrology
Geodesy and Geodynamics
Hons/MSc - Geochemistry/Petrology/Environmental Mineralogy/Planetary Science
Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Marine Biogeochemistry
Mathematical Geophysics
Ocean feedbacks to Antarctic ice melt
Oceanic internal waves: energy, mixing and momentum
Palaeobiology / Geobiology
Palaeomagnetism & Environmental Magnetism
Paleoclimate & Water Studies
Past Global Carbon Cycle
Past global carbon cycle on various timescales
PhD Environmental Mineralogy / Spectroscopy
PhD Geochemistry/Petrology/Environmental Mineralogy/Planetary Science
Planet's internal rotation
Quantifying The Key Controls On Regional Subduction Dynamics
Reconstructing CO2 input and ecosystem changes from a natural ocean acidification experiment, Milne Bay, PNG
Regional Hydrologic Studies
Seismic structure of Earth's core and lowermost mantle
Sensing water vapour in the atmosphere using GPS