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Below we list potential student projects in RSES, with links to relevant supervisors and research groups. For a list of topics, research groups, and research projects in RSES, please see the research projects page

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Projects Supervisors
Climate & Fluid Physics
Computational Geodynamics
Deep Earth Seismology
Experimental Petrology
Geodesy and Geodynamics
Hons/MSc - Geochemistry/Petrology/Environmental Mineralogy/Planetary Science
Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Marine Biogeochemistry
Mathematical Geophysics
Oceanic internal waves: energy, mixing and momentum
Palaeobiology / Geobiology
Palaeomagnetism & Environmental Magnetism
Paleoclimate & Water Studies
Past Global Carbon Cycle
Past global carbon cycle on various timescales
PhD Environmental Mineralogy / Spectroscopy
PhD Geochemistry/Petrology/Environmental Mineralogy/Planetary Science
Planet's internal rotation
Quantifying The Key Controls On Regional Subduction Dynamics
Reconstructing CO2 input and ecosystem changes from a natural ocean acidification experiment, Milne Bay, PNG
Regional Hydrologic Studies
Seismic structure of Earth's core and lowermost mantle
Sensing water vapour in the atmosphere using GPS
Southern ocean nutrients and their links to climate change: insights from the elemental and isotope signature of diatoms