Welcome to all alumni and friends of the Research School of Earth Sciences.

Vale Jeremy Richards »

It is with gerat sadness to report the that one of our most distinguished graduate students, Jeremy Richards, died suddenly in Toronto last Friday.

Suzy Urbaniak »

Congratulations to ANU Earth Sciences alumna Suzi Urbaniak, who has won the 2016 Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Secondary Schools.

Margi Sweeney »

The ability to share her science knowledge with enthusiastic young school students drew Margi Sweeney to a career as a science teacher.

Kate Kiseeva »

ANU gave me everything one could dream of, a fantastic working and studying environment, welcoming department, one of the best experimental petrology groups in the world, and of course, the best ever PhD supervisor Greg Yaxley.

Catherine McCammon »

Reflecting on her extensive research career, ANU Alumna Dr Catherine McCammon recalls her first inspiration to study geophysics.

Andy Hogg »

Andrew Hogg, of the Research School of Earth Sciences, has discovered that a temperature gradient across the Southern Ocean, combined with the Earth’s spin, also could power the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

Nerilie Abram »

"Until I got to university, I didn’t know what area of science I wanted to specialise in, I just knew that I loved science," explains Nerilie Abram. "Earth science was my extra subject - but I quickly found out that it was exactly what I wanted to do. Discovering how the earth works is fascinating!"