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Calendar for future RSES Seminars

Date Speaker (Abstr.) Institution Title (Topic Host(s)
19-Mar-20 Nerilie Abram RSES

Australia’s black summer and the connections to human-caused climate change

Penny King
26-Mar-20 Tamsin Mather Oxford University, UK The impact of volcanism on Earth's atmosphere: from present-day volcanic 'pollution' to geological mass extinction events Vickie Bennett
2-Apr-20 Andy Hogg RSES Ocean gyres driven by surface buoyancy forcing  Penny King
9-Apr-20 TBC (before Easter) xx xx  
16-Apr-20 Wenju Cai CSIRO Aspendale, Vic Response of El Niño/La Niña to greenhouse warming Jimin Yu/ Nerilie Abram
23-Apr-20 Evelyn Mervine Anglo American, Brisbane Qld (Transition from an academic to industry career) Penny King
30-Apr-20 Jason Sharples UNSW Canberra Extreme wildfire development Louis Moresi
7-May-20 Phil Bland Curtin University, WA Enabling Australian planetary missions: technical pathway and science applications Trevor Ireland
14-May-20 Bree Morgan Uni Sydney, NSW Sediment geochemistry – Process mapping and contaminant trapping Penny King
21-May-20 Michael Roderick RSES Drought, bushfires and climate  
28-May-20 Hannah James - Robert Hill Memorial Lecture RSES The Science of Archeology Stephen Eggins

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Seminars are held in the Jaeger 1 Seminar Room, Research School of Earth Sciences, 142 Mills Rd, Acton ACT 2601.

Upcoming events

1pm 2 April 2020
Prof. Andy Hogg (RSES)
Ocean gyres are persistent, large-scale circulation features that give rise to important ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic and the Kuroshio current off the east coast of Japan.

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