Mr Harri Kokkonen

Technical Officer
Technician - Earth Dynamics
J2, G37
 +61 2 61254133


Research interests

Developing specialised techniques in scientific preparation of geological and synthetic materials
Application of scanning electron microscopy to:

  • Imaging
  • X-ray microanalysis
  • Electron backscatter diffraction (crystal orientation mapping)

Conventional and digital photography of features in rocks and minerals, also: image enhancement and processing to extract stereological informationLight microscopies and infra-red spectroscopyMineral processing, including: synthesis, separation, purification and controlled atmosphere firing of phases



I. Jackson, J.D. Fitz Gerald, and H. Kokkonen. High-temperature viscoelastic relaxation in iron and its implications for the shear modulus and attenuation of the Earth's inner core, Journal of Geophysical Research, 105: 23605-23634.

Recent Abstracts

  • High-temperature viscoelastic relaxation in synthetic olivine aggregates: influence of grainsize and melt fraction
    Ridge symposium, 2000
    I. Jackson, J. Fitz Gerald, U. Faul B. Tan and H. Kokkonen
  • High-Temperature viscoealstic relaxation in synthetic olivine aggregates: Influence of Grainsize and basaltic melt friction
    IUGG Conference, 1999, Birmingham, UK
    B. Tan, I. Jackson, J.D. Fitz Gerald, U. Faul, H. Kokkonen, G.R. Horwood
  • High-temperature viscoelasticity of iron and its geophysical implications
    AGU Conference 1997, San Francisco, USA
    Ian Jackson, John D. Fitz Gerald and Harri Kokkonen, RSES, ANU

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