Ilya Bobrovskiy

PhD student
Student - Biogeochemistry
142 Mills Road, J1 219


Research interests

I am working on reconstruction of palaeoenvironments and palaeoecology of the Northern part of the East European platform during the terminal Neoproterozoic time studying biomarkers, sedimentology and geochemistry.



Bobrovskiy, I., Hope, J. M., Ivantsov, A., Nettersheim, B. J., Hallmann, C., & Brocks, J. J. (2018). Ancient steroids establish the Ediacaran fossil Dickinsonia as one of the earliest animals. Science361(6408), 1246-1249.

Goryl, M., Marynowski, L., Brocks, J. J., Bobrovskiy, I., & Derkowski, A. (2018). Exceptional preservation of hopanoid and steroid biomarkers in Ediacaran sedimentary rocks of the East European Craton. Precambrian Research316, 38-47.

Bobrovskiy, I., Hope, J. M., Krasnova, A., Ivantsov, A., & Brocks, J. J. (2018). Molecular fossils from organically preserved Ediacara biota reveal cyanobacterial origin for Beltanelliformis. Nature ecology & evolution2(3), 437.

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