Yankun Di

B.Sc. (Geochemistry) Peking Univerisity
PhD Student

Research interests

Isotopic geo/cosmochemistry

Chronology of early Solar System

Analytical techniques of thermal ionization mass spectrometer (TIMS)

Research Papers:

Di, Y., Tian, W., Chen, M., Li, Z., Chu, Z., Liang, J., 2020. A method to estimate the pre-eruptive water content of basalts: Application to the Wudalianchi–Erkeshan–Keluo volcanic field, Northeastern China. American Mineralogist, 105: 149-161.

Wang, B., Tian, W., Wei, C., Di, Y., 2019. Ultrahigh metamorphic temperatures over 1050 °C recorded by Fe–Ti oxides and implications for Paleoproterozoic magma-induced crustal thermal perturbation in Jining area, North China Craton. Lithos, 348-349: 105180.

Chu, Z., Li, C., Chen, Z., Xu, J., Di, Y., Guo, J., 2015. High precision measurement of 186Os/188Os and 187Os/188Os isobaric oxide corrections with in-run measured oxygen isotope ratios. Analytical Chemistry, 87: 8765-8771.

Conference Abstracts:

Di, Y., Amelin, Y., 2020. The initial 87Sr/86Sr of the Solar System. 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, #1132.

Di, Y., Tian, W., Chu, Z., Liang, J., 2016. Volatile-oversaturated magma ascending of ultrapotassic basalts from Wudalianchi-Erkeshan-Keluo (WEK) volcano field, NE China. Goldschmidt Conference, #661.

2019 Demonstrator in Geochemistry (EMSC 2023)

2018 Demonstrator in Chemistry of Planet Earth (EMSC 2015)