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Mr Bowen Fang PhD Student
Fang Fang PhD Student
  • +61 2 61250120
Nicholas Farmer PhD Student
Corinne Frigo
  • +61 261270129
no photo available
Angus Gibson Research Software Engineer
Carlos Carrasco Godoy MPhil student
Patrick Goodarzi PhD Student
  • +61 2612 51837
no photo available
Robin Grun PhD student
Katie Harazin PhD student
Jessica Hargreaves PhD Student
Marcus Haynes PhD candidate
Kathryn Hayward PhD Candidate
  • +61 2 61251476
Miss Yuzhi Hu PhD Candidate
  • +61 2 6125 2846
Shangyu Hu
  • +61 416603363
Zhijie Huang PhD Candidate
  • +61 469350829
no photo available
Sarah Jackson PhD Candidate
Hannah James PhD Candidate
no photo available
Xuan Ji PhD Candidate
Mr Jordan Kinsley PhD Student
Rachel Kirby PhD Student
Yingxin Kou PhD Candidate
  • 0434 919 526
Evgenii Krestianinov PhD student
no photo available
Ms Kelly-Anne Lawler PhD Candidate
Yuwei Li PhD student
no photo available
Ms Tharika Liyanage PhD student
no photo available
Liane Loiselle PhD Candidate
Kelsie Long PhD Student
  • +61 466389533
Jessica Natalia Lowczak PhD Student
  • +61 2 61256308
no photo available
Ms Prayna Maharaj PhD Candidate
Anna Makushkina PhD Candidate