Thuany Costa de Lima

PhD Candidate

I am a geophysicist mostly interested in computational and global observational seismology. I investigate the structure of the deep Earth through seismic waves. My Ph.D. research involves the development and application of different techniques to image the Earth’s interior, from the inner core to the mantle.

Previously to embracing seismology, I was interested in correlating multiple geophysical observations to the structural geology of cratonic sedimentary basins and reconstruct the past crustal deformation. I had worked with gravity and magnetic geophysical data processing, interpretation of seismic reflection data, remote sensing and structural geology.

Since 2018: PhD student in Seismology, RSES, The Australian National University, Australia.

2016: Research Internship in Seismology, RSES, The Australian National University, Australia.

2012 - 2015: Master of Science in Geophysics. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

2012 - 2015: Oil & Gas Specialization program. National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels of Brazil (ANP).

2009 - 2012: Bachelor's degree in Geophysics. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

Research interests

  • Computational and global observational seismology
  • Inner core anisotropy
  • Mid-mantle seismic interfaces

You can find more about me and my interests at


Conference Abstracts:

Costa de Lima T.P., H. Tkalčić and L. Waszek (2019), Insights on Inner-Core Anisotropy Obtained From the Earth’s Correlation WaveField. 2019 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, United States.

Costa de Lima T.P., H. Tkalčić and L. Waszek (2019), Insights on Inner-Core Anisotropy Obtained From the Earth’s Correlation WaveField. 2019 Australasian Leadership Computing Symposium (ALCS), Canberra, Australia

Costa de Lima T.P., H. Tkalčić, S. Kim, J. Julià (2017), Bayesian Inversion of Receiver Functions and Surface Wave Dispersion Data in the Brazilian Northeast. 15th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. DOI:


Costa de Lima T.P., E.F. Jardim de Sá, F.A.P.L. Lins, A.F. Antunes, J.A.M. Moreira (2017), Gravity and magnetic signature of the Transbrasiliano Lineament in the East-Central portion of the Parnaíba Basin, northeastern Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Geophysics, 35, DOI:


I am a demonstrator for the geophysics module in:

  • EARTH: The Chemistry and Physics of our Planet (EMSC1008). Conveners of this course are Andrew Berry (Geology) and Caroline Eakin (Geophysics). In the geophysics module, students gain familiarity with plate tectonics and introductory knowledge of geophysics and mathematics (e.g. isostatic calculations, triangulating earthquake locations, plate motion vectors, and circuits).

Before starting my Ph.D., I spent almost a year working as a private tutor, and teaching maths and physics to kids from Years 7 to 12. I also tutored infinitesimal calculus and classical mechanics to first-year undergrad students during my bachelor's degree. Currently, I am one of the volunteer mentors on the Girls Educating Girls program, which is a project that aims to provide research experience for women enrolled in STEM fields at universities across Puerto Rico.